Looking for Silicone-free Shampoo?

Silicone free shampoo

‘Silicone’ is a popular substance contain in hair products, giving voluminous, super smooth, shiny and look like a hydrated immediately after use.

What is Silicone made of?

‘Silicone’ is a synthetic polymer. It’s composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Looks like silicone is not a toxic chemical and it’s safe to apply to your hair, is that right? 
Now let’s look at the benefits (or harms) of silicone in hair care products.
First, got to know your ‘hair’.

Hair Structure

Hair Composition

Hair is the dead cells. It is a clear tube made of keratin which is a solid protein that grows out of the hair follicles on the scalp. Inside the keratin tubes there are pigments produced by the scalp. When getting older the ability to produce low pigment and cause white hair.

If the scalp pores are clean and not clogged, the protein tubes are strong, flexible and capable of accepting keratin, your hair is naturally beauty and shine. Or even slow down premature graying.

Is Silicone Really good for Hair?

In fact, Silicones do not help condition but coating hair. The hair will look like healthy and have weight.

And as mentioned above, silicones give a hair ‘feeling’, looking hydrated, voluminous, and looking super smooth and shiny immediately after use.

Regular use of silicone can cause accumulate and difficult to eliminate. Long-term use of silicone, when I stop using it, the hair becomes dry and frizzy. It takes time to remove silicone, so the coated ‘glue’ off before normal maintenance.

Silicone Attach
How to get rid of Silicone?
Silicone Free

The easy way to get rid of silicone is starting to use ‘Silicone-free product’ to gradually remove the glue from the silicone. And you should avoid using hair conditioners that mostly contain silicones.
Starting use of silicone-free shampoo, your hair will initially feel stiff, tangled.
Advice to comb your hair before washing.
Or using your fingers to gradually brush your hair after wash.

To recover damaged, dried or frizzy hair, after stop using silicone products, use a little drop of natural oil; olive oil, sesame oil or any natural oil rub the hair.
Even better when using natural oils to marinate your hair before washing. And advice to use once a week.
Hair and scalp will gradually fall off the coated glue and can fully receive hair nutrients.

Silicone-free Shampoo

There are many silicone-free products in the market.  Many of them formulated with silicone substitutes and give feeling soft hair and not tangled. In some products still using a silicone but in very low ratio and adding natural oil instead of silicone proportion.
Comparing among non-silicone product and products having silicone; using non-silicone products, your hair may not be as smooth as silicone-based products right away. But it will gradually improve in the long run.
However, keeping the hair and scalp clean and healthy without the risk of accumulating any blockage would be a better option.

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