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The basic formula of Natural Deodorant products available in the market is mostly ‘alum’, which contains aluminum. That is an only one ‘anti sweating’ (antiperspirant) substance that has been approved by the FDA and believed that it was not dangerous

Baking Soda

There is also ‘Baking Soda’ that helps absorb sweats that may cause allergic in some people.

The main difference between Deodorant and Antiperspirant is that Deodorants are designed to prevent body odor while Antiperspirants prevent sweat.

Therefore, there is a doubt ‘blocking sweat ducts to prevent sweating’, will it affect natural mechanisms the excretion of heat so keeping your body cool.?

However, the American Cancer Society says.
‘There are no epidemiological studies linked medical documents rumors that ‘Aluminum may cause Breast Cancer Risk’. And there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

There are many deodorant products those avoid the use of alum, known as ‘Aluminum Free Deodorant,’ on the market as an alternative.

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